1. disqualified by law or rule or provision (Freq. 1)
Similar to: ↑ineligible
2. barred from competition for violation of rules

a disqualified player

Similar to: ↑ineligible
Topics: ↑sport, ↑athletics

* * *

banned, eliminated, ineligible, struck off
FORMAL debarred, precluded, disentitled
accepted, eligible, qualified

* * *

ineligible, debarred, eliminated, knocked out, out of the running

* * *

adjective BANNED, barred, debarred; ineligible.

* * *

Unqualified people have not passed or taken the exams which relate to their work.

...some unqualified member of the teaching staff.

...highly paid but unqualified clerical staff.

When someone is disqualified, they are officially told they cannot do something, because they have broken a law or rule.

They were disqualified from driving.

If the complaint is upheld, he could be disqualified from election for three years.


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